The Fiscal Cliff and Your Money Blueprint

Since the close of the 2012 presidential election, the media has beseiged us with doom and gloom surrounding the fiscal (FC) cliff [crisis?]. If you recall, I recorded an episode entitled, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? My thoughts and feelings about FC are heavily influenced by my learning experiences at the Millionaire Mind Intensive [2008 and 2010]. While the Executive and Legislative branches "duke-it-out" to a stalemate, potentially millions of Americans may see higher taxes as well as a potential loss of unemployment benefits.

T. Harv Eker

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

The answer lies within the depths of our inner self. Preparing our finances to withstand economic hardships while exploring legitimate avenues to increase our personal wealth and prosperity. The next question is: Why is it that Most People Never Achieve Financial Freedom? Take a moment and answer these questions silently in your mind: Wouldn't you like to have a lot more money in your life? Wouldn't you like to have a lot more happiness in your life? Wouldn't you like to stop worrying about getting laid off, being able to pay your mortgage, whether you'll be able to afford college, or whether you'll ever be free to retire ... and get back to enjoying a worry-free life?

I don't have a stock answer, solution, or "magic blue pill" to solve your personal financial dilemma. Yet I suggest that The ROOT cause of our financial success, mediocrity, or failure - the very blueprint that determines our financial success --practically from birth-- goes back to our Money Programming. Our Thinking...our thoughts.

My personal path to wealth and prosperity is an ongoing and never-ending journey. Motivational speaker, Larry Wingert, tells his audience that "Success is your own damn fault!" Oh, but what about the Fiscal Cliff? There are two things that I want to say: 1) I wish I was in the Top 2% to be affected by the Obama tax increase; 2) I'm gonna go pull out my iPod, plugin my earbuds, and listen to the Beatles -- Let it Be...


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