A Young Army Man with Money

Military Personal Financial Help Book

Once upon a time, there existed a naïve 17 year old U.S. Army single soldier. Although intelligent and full of promise, he was TERRIBLE with money. But he wasn’t alone…many single soldiers, sailors, and airmen shared a similar problem..

The EncouragementGuy! was That Guy described above. He overcame his poor money management habits with the encouraging help of caring Military Leaderships. Returning the favor, here is his story and tools for personal financial success. Also, download his free eBook -- http://www.eResumes4Vips.com/support-files/Hey-Troop_its-Your-Money.pdf


  • Dana Hawes

    If more people filtered their thoughts and actions through the 3 question lens you suggest…the world would IMMEDIATELY be a better place in which to live. I can definitely relate to your saga with financial mismanagement as a young soldier. I also appreciate your candor and willingness to share with the express purpose of informing the decisions and lifestyles of others. GREAT find with this blog! I shall return.

    Oct 20, 2012 at 3:45 pm