Job searching Aint no Walk in the Park

Some of you all out there are or were (recently) searching for job. [You know who you are] And so if you are one of those that have recently completed a job search or/are still in the process of job searching, this podcast radio episode is for you. You see -- no one really understands what this is all about, unless they've walked a mile in his shoes.
walk in the park

Work for the Sake of Work

No other activity takes up more space and time as doing work, job, and career. Work is what gives us a sense of purpose...a sense of being. Go to a party; first question asked of you by a newcomer is: say...what do you do for a living? Let's face it, second only to our belief (or unbelief) in a god/spirit/higher-power, work is the single most important tenet of our waking hour(s) thought consciousness. Recorded on a Sunday morning, I reflect on my intimate thoughts about work while enjoying the sunrise on a mountain at the park.


The Grieving of My Job Loss

Job-Loss.pngI lost my job...almost a year ago. Slowly, I've regained my footing. But WOW! it was dang tough.

One of the thing that I did was to record my thoughts the next day after my termination.

My emotions felt like a kick in the gut!@%$&


The Fiscal Cliff and Your Money Blueprint

Since the close of the 2012 presidential election, the media has beseiged us with doom and gloom surrounding the fiscal (FC) cliff [crisis?]. If you recall, I recorded an episode entitled, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? My thoughts and feelings about FC are heavily influenced by my learning experiences at the Millionaire Mind Intensive [2008 and 2010]. While the Executive and Legislative branches "duke-it-out" to a stalemate, potentially millions of Americans may see higher taxes as well as a potential loss of unemployment benefits.

T. Harv Eker

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

The answer lies within the depths of our inner self. Preparing our finances to withstand economic hardships while exploring legitimate avenues to increase our personal wealth and prosperity. The next question is: Why is it that Most People Never Achieve Financial Freedom? Take a moment and answer these questions silently in your mind: Wouldn't you like to have a lot more money in your life? Wouldn't you like to have a lot more happiness in your life? Wouldn't you like to stop worrying about getting laid off, being able to pay your mortgage, whether you'll be able to afford college, or whether you'll ever be free to retire ... and get back to enjoying a worry-free life?

I don't have a stock answer, solution, or "magic blue pill" to solve your personal financial dilemma. Yet I suggest that The ROOT cause of our financial success, mediocrity, or failure - the very blueprint that determines our financial success --practically from birth-- goes back to our Money Programming. Our Thinking...our thoughts.

My personal path to wealth and prosperity is an ongoing and never-ending journey. Motivational speaker, Larry Wingert, tells his audience that "Success is your own damn fault!" Oh, but what about the Fiscal Cliff? There are two things that I want to say: 1) I wish I was in the Top 2% to be affected by the Obama tax increase; 2) I'm gonna go pull out my iPod, plugin my earbuds, and listen to the Beatles -- Let it Be...


3 or 4 Easy and Lazy Ways to Job Search

What are the 3 or 4 Easy and Lazy Ways to Find a Job in the 21st Century? Job Boards (digital), Newspapers and Networking, Unemployment Office,Know Thyself. Are you looking for a job? Do you know someone that is looking for a job? I bet you know someone right now that is either between jobs and/or is looking for a job opening to change jobs. Maybe that person is actually you!

I happen to be an expert on this topic. Not because I have any advanced schooling or certifications, but because I have lived through job changes and job dismissals and job reinventions many--many times over the last few years. I am actually a magna cum laude graduate of the school of job-searching Hard Knocks. My purpose is to pass on some of the knowledge and experience that I’ve gained from this. Maybe I can help someone, that you know, with their job search journey.

A few years ago I started going through this job search process. I decided to record my thoughts and experiences via a website. That website is www.eResumes4Vips.com and it was there that I started not only creating content for the general public but also started to use my own advice. Many times I refer back to the website when it comes to questions of how-to-interview, what to wear or eat during an interview, and how to get my resume out there to people that I want to connect with.

What I found was that connecting and networking in the 21st century was nothing like what I went through in the in the 90s as well as in the 80s. It was a totally different animal. Sure, of course we’ve got job boards Monster.com, and CareerBuilder.com and all those other giant websites. But it’s almost harder than ever now, to touch or get intouch with people. In many cases not only are people busy but they also concerned about their own careers as well. Many people have insecurities and are afraid to even share their knowledge with others because they believe that by sharing that will deplete them of the resources that they need for continued success in their own careers. How silly and absurd…Right? I found this job board tip information via a podcast on iTunes. Their podcast is called CAREER TOOLS. They also have a free membership site, www.manager–tools.com and the people that run the show and the site is Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstmann. It’s a very good site. I thought all job boards were the same, but I had no idea. I learned a lot by listening to their episode topic about job boards. The other job boards out there are called Aggregates because they pull in information from other sites. The Big Two are Indeed.com and SimplyHired.com. I learned that we need to create profiles on these search engines so that recruiters can find us. I did one profile creation yesterday…it took me two hours. The next piece takes us into a really nice smooth transition because there is another job board is out there called LinkedIn.com.

Today, Andre the EncouragentGuy! discusses easy and lazy ways to find a job the 21st century. If you enjoy the show, please write a review on iTunes or email me, Andre@Encouraging-People.com.


Seven No-Bull Ways to Make some Cash as an Amateur Writer

Yes you can start a business for under $100 as a writer. Basically there are seven no-bull ways to make some cash as an amateur writer. The seven ways are as follows:

Number one: paid online surveys

Number two: paid article reviewer

Number three: paid magazine writer

Number four: published book author

Number five: Internet researcher

Number six: blogger

And finally number seven: publishing a niche website

Let’s start with the first one--the paid online surveys. There are a lot of paid online survey services on the Internet. Many of them are total rip-offs.  I’ve done lots of research with the different paid online survey companies on the Internet. I did find one that may help us to generate some real dollars. On my website, in the third column, there is a hyperlink text that says make money doing surveys. I’ve tried the service myself, and I do find that it does bring in dollars. While is may sound easy...[read more at www.encouraging-people.com]